Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Just when the weather was improving and the evenings creeping towards the light the air has turned cold again,the clouds dark and the forecast is for more snow. Snow is a lovely word, and I enjoyed it when it snowed when I was a child,but now it is disrupting January. The phone rings to cancel more things.Will events planned for tomorrow happen, or will the school be shut again?

Snow is a blank page and I find blank pages hard to deal with.I don't want to spoil them. I like to buy stationery and pens,but it is the act of combining the two to make a writing or drawing that is the creative thing. I have blank pages in front of me,but are my words worthy of its pristine state? January is like that blank page the first page in a new book and when I write on it I want to be able to say something new and original.

Snow is good for the garden adding nitrogen to the soil, I hope it will be as good for my imagination.

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