Wednesday, 13 January 2010


My son has been off school since December 18th, when school broke up for Christmas, because of snow and bad weather. I keep hoping that school will re-open tomorrow, but then we have more snow ,or the school has boiler problems. We are living in our own white world where we totter through snow to the supermarket everyday and get the bits my elderly neighbour needs,and the bits we don't need but are tempted to buy. It is the social point of the day; the supermarket is packed with people and food and we buy in case the snow is deeper tomorrow. The supermarket lorry manages to get through fortunately, although our road is still unsalted.
Last night we must have had 6-8 inches of snow. The cat raced out this morning, his pink paw prints making neat patterns.The birds came for the food I put out. I need to find my bird book to identify the species I don't normally see among the robins, bluetits,blackbirds and starlings.
Everything is being cancelled or postponed,and already we are in the middle of January and all new year's resolutions (or revelations as my son calls them) are long gone. I just want to get back to normality, to the ordinary,the everyday,the way life was before school broke up for Christmas.


  1. Just seen weather forecast - rain, possibly even floods due to melting snow for Friday!!
    See you back in the normal world.

  2. better not put the wellies away just yet then! at least you can drive in the rain and schools and colleges will be open. when i see you guys again dont be surprised if i hug you :D i havent been out since new year's day! i cant take any more i tell you, i cant, i cant, mwahahahah!!