Friday, 1 January 2010


The start of the new year is a blank page waiting for those resolutions, but Christmas isn't over until the new term starts, which is next week for school, and the week after for University. Then I'll be able to get to the computer. We will be half way through January, and my new year's resolutions to write more, and read more will have been swept away.

Do we need more writing when so many books are pulped? Apparantly that even happened to Cherie Blair's memoirs after a six figure advance. It is hard enough to get published, and yet so many people are writing. Perhaps my resolution should be to write less.

But today, in the frosty landsape with the large full moon bobbing like a balloon, the page looks crisp and inviting. A new decade. Can it really be ten years since the Millennium? The page needs something jazzy and exciting not more of the same. And so, like all those expensive notebooks I have bought in the past and been too frightened to spoil with words or drawing ,I look at the blank page and want to keep it pristine.

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  1. I hope your blank page isn't so blank by now.
    Happy New Year!