Saturday, 20 February 2010


Snow again today, just when we should be moving towards spring. My friends have gone on a writing weekend,which I had hoped to go on this year,but couldn't afford it.My car MOT repairs cost two and a half writing weekends ,and I sometimes wonder if its worth it,especially when it snows and I have to walk.

By the afternoon the snow had melted and I went out and bought some spring bulbs:primulas and daffodils to brighten up my front garden.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I love buying stationery-pens, paper,notebooks,anything to do with writing. Then I get my books and pens home and they are all far too good to use. I don't want to spoil my new book by writing in it,and my pens are just perfect to put in a pencil case for later.

It is the newness of the notebook. I could write anything in it, but will my writing be good enough or neat enough. For years I used to write on scrap paper and then I'd lose all my writing.

It is about taking yourself seriously,and so today I bought a set of coloured pens,a rainbow of colours,all far too good to use. I know really good artists who use scrap paper and wax crayons,or the biro left on the kitchen table. It is as if buying a sketch book makes their art too serious,and art like writing needs an element of fun. So I shall open my packet of ten assorted pens,and,like James Joyce, write in my book my name,and address-the world,the universe.