Saturday, 24 April 2010


Two weeks without rain and the garden is dusty and dry. The water butt, full of March rain,is now empty. The air is heavy. Is it volcanic dust or just the lack of moisture usually present?

Usually, when the weather is good I make for the sea, but I've been too lethargic to go, blaming it on the weekly increase in the cost of petrol, but it is more than that. I have become tired and lack the motivation.

I remember one June a few years ago when the weather was hot and sultry, and then at last it rained. We went out to dance in the rain, to feel its cool wetness on our skin and hair. I am waiting now for a shower,for my bleached out honesty flowers to be refreshed to their bright purple-pink colour, and for the air to feel less dusty and dry.

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  1. we had a small shower but i dont think it was enough to please the garden. mind you, we dont want too much, like last summer!