Monday, 5 April 2010


My son and his friend have made a Facebook page for the cat. The cat isn't fussed about it, and I can't find the page as my son has forgotten the password. I have several passwords and always find I can't access things as I've used the wrong one.

My eldest daughter used to change her password every week,and then couldn't use the school computer system as she couldn't get in. I am like that with pin numbers and use the wrong one on the wrong card.

Life seems to be so complicated now,and no one writes letters or sends postcards. Why should they with the post going up yet again? So there are e cards and animated e mails and Facebook where you can see the social life of your cat,if you can dredge your memory for the right password.

When I was a child a password was something special;it was the word chosen that let you into the group.The letters spelt out a magic, and doors opened

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  1. those were good days, life is so complicated now, and fast! even here in our rural idyll there never seems to be enough time. so much for labour saving devices and the freedom of the internet. we lock ourselves out of our own lives!
    i shall look out for the cat on facebook :D