Saturday, 15 January 2011


Already half way through the month and I have a new car. It's great not to have to walk everywhere,but this car ,although 10 years old,and a little too big for me ,is full of electrical gismos. Yesterday,I left the lights on and flattened the battery. Got it sorted,but now it tells me that it's Saturday 1st January.

I don't mind beginning the month again, perhaps I'll get down to some writing. It's always hard to get back into routine, and each day I postpone doing things makes it even harder to start.So I need to buy a new notebook. I had a new expensive sketch book I was saving.My daughter found it and has used it for her exam revision. So to the pound shop for something cheap that I won't mind spoiling.The hardest part of writing is the starting.


  1. Great news about the car, does that means we will see you at mine on monday 24th for writing group?