Saturday, 25 September 2010


Twenty-four years ago,back in 1986,when my daughter was just a few weeks old,I was invited to buy a share in a new women's co-operative publishing venture,Honno.
Honno is the Welsh word for that,it is a feminine pronoun.

I am fortunate to have been published in two Honno anthologies-Exchanges,Poems by Women in Wales,and in On My Life,a memoir collection.These were a long time ago,back in the early days. Later in the 1990s I had my poetry collection Foxglove Land accepted for publication,but although the Honno editorial board wanted it, the Arts Council of Wales readers wouldn't fund it.I wasn't angry with Honno ,but with the Arts Council for their funding policy.

Honno is now 24 years old.It no longer has to re-submit manuscripts to the Arts Council for approval .Its books are found in bookshops and libraries,but they also have a catalogue and website. And it is still a co-operative of women working together to celebrate women That 1970s and 1980s idealism is still alive in Wales. Honno is a press with a purpose,it hasn't been eaten up by any big company. It you have a share, you have a vote. Check out their website,,and buy a book.

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